Microsoft 365: here's everything that changes on the new Office 365

 Microsoft has released its new Microsoft 365 personal and family subscriptions, which are designed to interchange and enhance existing Office 365 subscriptions. These aren't the sole new features; some dozen new functions are arriving likewise as a replacement application.


This is not a little change for the 38 million people subscribed to Office 365. Office 365 is now Microsoft 365, with new subscriptions available from April 21, 2020. As a reminder, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) may be a subscription that provides access to the complete Microsoft ecosystem, including the Office suite, cloud storage on OneDrive, call minutes on Skype or access to Microsoft Teams, which can now be accessible to the final public.

The first offer is named Microsoft 365 Personal and is offered with a monthly or annual payment:
• Open at 6.99 euros/month exclusively online on the Microsoft Store;
• Available at 69 euros/year from distributors in a very 12-month paid version, likewise as online on the Microsoft Store through various options.
The Microsoft 365 Family offer allows you to profit from the offer for five members of the family, here are the prices:
• It is offered at 9.99 euros/month exclusively online on the Microsoft Store;
• Available at 99 euros/year from distributors in a very 12-month paid version, likewise as online on the Microsoft Store through various options.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions cash in of the many new features, including a replacement Microsoft Family Safety app and also the arrival of Microsoft Teams.

Regarding the Family Safety app, it's an app that may be available on Windows 10, iOS, and Android. This application is the nerve center of the Microsoft 365 offer and your family; it allows parents to manage all the activities of the family. you'll be able to block the Xbox remotely, as an example, but also check the schedules and durations of use of your children's screen. A function that we now wear the iPhone and Android. the applying allows automatic alerts if a loved one arrives at a given location, Microsoft explains that its new Microsoft Family Safety application is meant to make sure the security of your family " within the digital and physical world " Finally, this application resumes what Google could do with Google Family Link but also Apple with specific functions of the Apple Find My application. Your teenagers will definitely be depressed to be bullied by their parents, whether or not it's necessary for his or her safety.

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Microsoft Teams will now be integrated into the Microsoft 365 subscription, and it's a social network dedicated to the family and their entourage wholly integrated with Microsoft tools. Note that Teams don't replace Skype. However, Microsoft is slowly positioning its communication solution.
If you're already an Office 365 subscriber, you will be happy to grasp that Microsoft is adding lots of Office-related features. as an example, you'll be ready to access the Microsoft Editor functionality existing Word, a true assistant to assist you with grammar corrections and spell checks. This editor goes even further by also submitting changes to boost your writing by flagging words that are used too frequently or presenting you with new sentences to boost your style. As a subscriber to Microsoft 365, you'll have access to rewrite options that supply to reformulate whole sentences. there's even a similarity checker to avoid plagiarism and encourage you to cite your sources. Note that these functions are going to be available on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome via a browser extension. There are many other new features, along with Excel, which also offers new models and functionalities for managing data on a hundred kinds of different subjects (diet, hobbies, holiday destinations, etc.).

In PowerPoint, Microsoft has also announced new features. PowerPoint Designer, as an example, will automatically layout your data using styles. you will have access to over 8k images and 175 videos in Getty Images, 300 font styles, and 2800 icons to form visually appealing presentations. it is not the sole new feature in PowerPoint; the foremost amazing is named Presenter Coach. This new feature, powered by AI, in keeping with Microsoft, will help everyone improve their speech. PowerPoint listens to you and tells you if your address is correctly paced while proposing reformulations. Avoid overly systematic reading of the content of the slides, which isn't natural.

Password Monitor in Microsoft Edge

Many new features also are coming to Microsoft Edge, like Password Monitor. it's a fervent password tool that may tell you if a password stored in Edge has been agreed, so you'll be able to change it quickly. Edge also has vertical tab functionality so you'll be able to stack your tabs on the side of the browser and a sensible copy/paste option that keeps text and table formatting after you paste it elsewhere.


These new features and this name change are reasonably clear on Microsoft's strategy, an approach that rests on a balance between professional and personal life and on a distinct segment where Microsoft is especially well placed to supply privacy-friendly and focused services. On productivity.

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