Apps to Manage Office from Home

We all are very much familiar with the novel coronavirus and its pandemic spread across the planet. The critical situation does not become a single person its victim but the entire country has to lock down to control the situation. Today there are many countries especially superpowers like America is fully locked down. This is the situation where employers are in deep thinking of how to be productive even in these circumstances and how to manage office well. The same challenge is for the employees to work better while being at home. But we cannot ignore this fact that the official environment is very difficult to be maintained at home.

Solutions for the Problems Employees Face While Working From Home:

The spread of COVID-19 forces you as a worker to adjust to a new way of working, that is, work from home or work from home (with). One of the most important things when you start working from home, you have to become more familiar with the use of technology. Cheap Essay Help allowed its employees to work from home but even if you are at home, companies still expect the same efficiency as you work in an office.  Now, technology can be your best friend in every job you do and can be an enemy and a problem during the event of an interruption. Then what are the technical problems that occur when you work from home and what will be the best solutions to cope with that?

Slow Wifi Connection

If you experience a slow internet experience. You can check the position of the router. Place the WiFi router in the middle of the room or in a place close to your work desk. Do not also place the router on the floor. Place the router in a high place because the router has been designed by sending a signal down. Do not put the router near a window because the WiFi signal will be divided by space outside the window. Keep the router away from other electronics because other electronic devices can weaken the WiFi signal.

Old Fashioned Laptops

Many companies give their employees laptops to work from home, many companies are not able to update company laptops as often as possible. If your laptop is an old school laptop, you can clean the laptop on the outside by using 70% alcohol, wood oil or telon oil. On the inside of the laptop, you can clean the laptop fan and cooler and clean all parts of the motherboard by using a soft brush or cloth without using water.

You can also add laptop RAM capacity. Make sure to buy fast RAM and also check the RAM speed. Then you can also replace the hard disk with an SSD. Although it is rather expensive, it can be an investment in the long run and change the speed of your laptop.

Uncomfortable Mouse

If you often use a mouse, choose a mouse that provides comfort for its users. Do not let your mouse can hurt your palm because of excessive use. Choose a mouse that fits your palm, if it's small then choose the type of travel mouse, if your palm is large then choose a large size. Check also if you are using a wireless mouse or mouse without wires, whether the movement of the mouse and the response on the screen of your laptop is not delayed.

Too Many Company Applications

You must complain if your company uses too many applications for its employees so that it makes your smartphone's memory full of various applications. For example, applications for attendance, then there are more applications for assignments or how to give work, payroll applications to applications for applying for leave and also reimbursement.

When you start working from home, you will definitely start using these various applications to ease the company's bureaucracy. If your company still uses many applications in managing HR and payroll, you can submit to start using one application with various complete features. Or there are some common applications Custom Essay Writing Service UK listed below to take great advantage and these are the part of almost everyone’s phone today.

  1. Zoom

One of the best video application for having meetings with many people at the same time, and could be the right app to use in this COVID-19 situation. It allows 1000 participants at the same time to join the conference.

  1. Slack

A messaging application-specific for companies. It allows us to share document files, create conversation room for team and can be integrated easily with other online services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

  1. Skype for Business

An old but superb app this time to run your business in an effective way. It allows you to make voice calls, you can make a conference call and share messages. Even it carries document sharing very smoothly. At a single time, 250 people can be added up to conduct meetings online. It does provide enterprise-class a good security factor, manage employee accounts and integrate well into your office applications.

  1. WhatsApp

A well-known, most common and most used app today. This is a very useful platform to maintain a communication platform between your friends and bosses at work. You can create company groups of different departments and can add more than 250 members in a single group. Grouping will help you to get connected with the specific department employees. Video calls, voice messaging, document transformation, group video calls are all safe in this app and a convenient way too.

  1. Google Hangouts Meet

Unlike the Hangouts messaging application, in general, the G Suite subscription gives you video calling features and helps you with arranging virtual meetings for up to 250 people and with its subscription you will get live streaming for more than 100,000 viewers.  Google is going to make this service free until July.

  1. Workplace by Facebook

Yes, we are well aware and use this app on our smartphones. Facebook messaging and other social media services that specially focused on corporations and professionals could be on the list for the companies searching apps for effective working from home. The best use of this application is it allows users unlimited capacity for not only document sharing but chatting and video calls can be attempt easily on mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

  1. Trello

An application helps you to connect your project members while doing a project together. It will aid you to draw up a work plan and finish it by working together using its different features like Board, List, and Card.

  1. Google Drive

The best online cloud storage service gives you an extra space online to save your files and help you to access your files anywhere by simply log in with your email and password. You can easily make sharing of your documents with others too. There are other similar applications like Dropbox or We Transfer you can use to have online storage.

  1. Discord

One of the widely used app among gamers and it is a messaging application used to create a special channel to distinguish each team as per their job desk. It has video calling, voice messaging features and a cross platform with less consumption of GPU in your PC and secure your performance.

  1. Microsoft Teams

This application helps companies a lot to work from any device anywhere as it has fully integrated 365 Office, help you conduct video conferences and voice calls too. Even you have the option to edit document files and other office products like PowerPoint and Excel etc. Thus makes your work easier.

I hope the article will help you to work effectively if you are an employee and to manage your office well if you are an employer. We all are wishing that the entire circumstances come to normal and we can meet over fellows and work together in offices. I am missing all my teammates from the Online Essay Writing Service UK too.

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